8 Hicetnunc Tools for Buying NFTs

6 min readJun 24, 2021

Helpful tools to discover, buy, and organize your NFT collection.

Hicetnunc has easily become my favorite NFT platform. After spending hundreds of dollars on just GAS for Ethereum-based platforms, the <$0.1 gas fees on Tezos-based Hicetnunc is heaven sent. Not only are gas fees minimal, but it’s a colorful, experimental, playground with a big pool of extremely talented artists.

Hicetnunc is community built, and a lot of tools are also built by the community that you can use to customize your NFT-buying experience. I rarely go on Hicetnunc directly to buy NFT art, but will use multiple tools and social media to discover and evaluate the NFTs. This started off as a twitter thread, but continues to grow as I find amazing tools built by the community.

Reach out on Twitter if you use or built a tool and want to add on to the list!

My current collection as seen on Hicetnunc. See the full collection here: https://www.hicetnunc.xyz/tz/tz1cxbTVpHuEtdkQWCTnBYAZRPx7tvGBECub/collection. In image: Or Yogev, luluxxx, Jon Burgerman, Von Doyle, Anthony Hurd, Chemical Messiah, bjorncalleja, 1x1_NFT, and Paul Solovyev

Short intro/disclaimer into why I buy NFTs:
I don’t consider myself a big collector, but I do love art and I do love tools. I buy art to collect but also to resell.

I base my buy decisions first on art style, because if it doesn’t resell — I know I enjoy the work and am happy with paying that amount to own the NFT. I then look at past sales of the specific NFT, past sales of NFTs from the same artist, what I think the art may be worth in the short and long run, trends in the market, and many other factors. Ultimately, it’s about having fun, collecting cool work, and continuously learning along the way.

Quick Facts about Hicetnunc:

Hicetnunc (also known as HEN or HIC) means here and now in Latin.
NFTs are called OBJKTs
Uses IPFS to store NFTs metadata
Currency used: Tezos ($XTZ, Tez)
Wallets used: Temple Wallet, Kukai, Spire, Galleon

I’ll go more into Hicetnunc and the amazing community in another article.

Tools Built for Hicetnunc

I’ll start with discovery tools, then move on to analysis, then managing your objkts that are in secondary.


  1. Random search of objkts on Hicetnunc by price range
Randomly refresh a page of NFTs for you — or sort by price above.

If you don’t know where to start, this is a good random generator that gives you a collection of NFTs you can purchase. Filter by price above which is great for starting out and testing the market with a small amount of tezos (tz). Built by @mtkya

2. Discover objkts in any collection

A tool used to discover items in a users Hicetnunc collection.
A tool built for Hicetnunc, on Hicetnunc. It organizes all objkts in a wallet by created, owners, and swapped/burned.

This tool is extra cool because it’s also been minted as a HEN objkt. It shows all the objkts in your (or someone else’s) wallet that’s been created, bought or swapped/burned. If there’s a collector who has a pretty good collection and you want to see where everything’s from, this is a good discovery tool for collection-creeping. It lists all objkts out in a simple de-cluttered way. However you only get the name and can’t see the image. Built by @jagracar who has a whole list of great tools in their collection.

3. Find OBJKTs sold at specific price levels

An OBJKT and Tool on Hicetnunc that displays OBJKTs that have sold for over a specific price.
Enter a price point and see what’s been collected for that price.

If you like to see what’s been collected for over a certain price amount — use @jagracars’ tool for whale hunting. As of now, the highest price paid for an objkt on HEN is 4000XTZ for Kideight’s Creation of Evol!

The highest selling NFT on Hicetnunc. Created by KidEight, purchased by Denzuul. Sold for 4000XTZ.
The highest selling OBJKT on Hicetnunc sold for a clean 4000XTZ (around $12000USD). Collected by @Denzuul.

What’s great about the tool itself is you can go into the buyer’s collection and see what else they’ve bought. Want to have $12000 to spend on an artwork? See what the buyers doing it are collecting too. Another method would be seeing what else has been minted by artists that sell pieces for high prices. Which takes us to the next tool.

4. See all objkts by an artist.


A hicetnunc tool built by NFTBiker to see what NFTs are available in an artists collection including last sale price and editions available.
See what’s available in an artists collection. Here I use Von Doyle as an example — an incredible artist that uses AI to generate strange and ethereal pieces.

Let’s say you’ve found an artwork you really like — but it’s out of your price range or unavailable. After clicking on to the artists profile, you find you have to click on each objkt individually on Hicetnunc. It’s time-consuming. @NFTbiker builds incredible tools — and this tool helps you see everything the artist has minted, the amount available and at what price, and what it sold for last. Highest sale is also a good column to keep an eye out for, as the listed price on Hicetnunc may not reflect how much it was last actually bought for.

I use this tool almost every time before I purchase something or find an artist that I like.


5. Transaction history tool for HEN objkts

Transaction history for a specific OBJKT. You can see what it listed at, recent sales since listing, current prices, and how many owners the work has been distributed across. Built by NFTBiker for Hicetnunc NFTs.
Transaction history for a specific OBJKT. You can see what it listed at, recent sales since listing, current prices, and how many owners the work has been distributed across. In the example above I’m using Fawkes amazing experimental Frame.

This tool (also built by @NFTBiker) displays an objkt’s past sales, current listings, and distinct owners. I use this tool whenever I’m buying a new work and am unsure what previous objkts have been traded for. It helps me see what the potential resale value of a work is, and how big it’s growing. The more unique owners, the higher chance it’s a popular piece. (Keep in mind everything on HEN is limited edition, so owner number will also be limited — for example an artist may only choose to mint 3 editions of their work, so there can only be max 3 unique buyers).

Another thing I note is how many buyers have multiple editions. If I start seeing several owners with 2–5 editions each — competition for resale will be high, likely driving the price down.

6. Data Analytics Dashboard

A comprehensive dashboard showing sales, market price, and a prediction tool for potential value. Built by Artcentral
A comprehensive dashboard showing sales, market price, and a prediction tool for potential value.

Based on past sales, this tool built by @artcentral.io shows whether the current price is over or under valued. It even offers a helpful ‘buy the dip’ notice for art that may be under (but ofcourse — do your own research.) I like this tool as it looks more like a comprehensive analysis dashboard and really like the amount of effort put into building it. There are several filter options on the top right to choose how you want to view works on Hicetnunc. If Hicetnunc isn’t your marketplace of choice, artcentral.io also includes Niftygateway and Makersplace.


7. See the overall value of your entire collection

A snapshot of averagecontract’s Hicetnunc collection using glry.xyz’s tool. It shows how much was paid, last sale price, artists royalty fees, and what I would net if sold.
A snapshot of my collection using glry.xyz’s tool. It shows how much I paid, last sale price, artists royalty fees, and what I would net if sold.

After collecting for a while, it’s hard to keep track of what you’ve bought, the price you bought it at, and what you might be able to resell it for.

I use @glryxyz’s tool to see the full current value of my collection.
Warning: the current value is based off of last sale price which may, and usually is, higher than what you can sell for. Overall current value may be inflated.

8. See what you’ve listed on secondary

A hicetnunc tool to easily see what you’ve put on the secondary market and at what price.
Easily see what you’ve put on the secondary market and at what price. Adjust or remove from market as needed.

This is a variation of the tool above, there’s not as much information but it’s in cleaner format. It’s great for easily seeing what you’ve listed in secondary and at what price. Using this you can click through your objkts and adjust prices or take off market as needed. What’s also great is that you can also share your link to other buyers so that they can see what you have up for sale. Here’s my link ; )

By @_ufffd.

Special shoutout to @marchingsquare which built the API for most of these tools. There’s a lot of great tools on hicdex as well!

While there are still myriads of tools that have been built by the Hicetnunc community — these are the main tools I use to find and collect art. I’m always on the lookout for new tools, so if you use or built a tool and want to add on to the list, reach out to me at @averagecontract on Twitter, or in the comments below! Happy collecting!